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Sun Series

In this series I suggest that in contemplating our solar system as more than planets surrounding "an average star" we allow ourselves to enter the field of its influence. As we feel the mystery of our own universe we may experience the incredible enigmas of Multiverse.

Sun Consciousness is a magnified close up of the governing star in our own planetary system. This work is painted on prepared paper with a blue-black background. The field color has a powerful influence on the colors of the sun. The vibrations of these colors are intended to express the strength and power of our life-giving star.

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Science of the Sun
Oil & mixed media on prepared canvas with wire work, 54 x 60



Science of the Sun, detail



Oil & mixed media on prepared canvas with wire work, 54 x 38



Sunspots, detail



Temperature of the Sun
Pastel on Paper, 19 x 23"



Solar Resonance
Oil & mixed media on prepared paper with copper foil edges, 32 x 46



Night Sun
Oil on canvas with silver wire work, 40 x 60



Magenta Sun
Oil & mixed media on prepared paper with brass foil edges, 42 x 12



Temperature of the Sun
Oil and mixed media on canvas, 22 x 34"



Temperature of the Sun
Detail with copper and gold pigments



Coronal Mass Ejection
Oil on Canvas, 12 x 36"



Sun Consciousness #6
Oil on Prepared Paper, 11 x 15"














Copyright © 2009, Irene Clark



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