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My frescoes are painted on a lightweight portable support system that I have developed. Sign is an image developed in my series of paintings, monotypes and frescoes. My development of the image of the Sign depicts three contiguous curvilinear lines that approach each other in the center and move away in different directions. The lines are paths revealing the journeys of a lifetime, Emergence, Transformation and Legacy. I develop the imagery using paint, ink, dry pigments, and botanical specimens. The fresco Sign, measures 36x48 and weighs 35 pounds unframed.

The Three-paneled Fresco Sculpture is painted on both sides and measures 8 feet tall. I am able to pick up and carry one panel even though I am only 5 feet tall! In the fresco In Sign I sometimes buried the dried botanical specimens then painted over them. I also have taken impressions of them, then removed the flowers and leaves,then painted the intaglio remaining in the wet plaster. In this way I have employed my skills as a printmaker as well as a painter.

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Fresco with botanical inclusions, 36 x 48"



Fresco Sculpture, Side 1
3 attached panels, 2' x 7' x 4'



Fresco Sculpture, Side 1 detail



Fresco Sculpture, Side 2
3 attached panels, 2' x 7' x 4'



Fresco Sculpture, Side 2 detail



Blue Remanence
Fresco sculpture, 5 hinged panels, 8 x 17" each



Blue Remanence, detail



Fresco Sculpture, untitled
4 x 34 x 4



Big Neighbor
Fresco on Panel, 19 x 23



An Old Flame
Fresco on Panel, 11 x 11 x 15



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